Theatre Pickup Lines

Welcome to our theatre pickup line/ rejection line blog! Feel free to use any of these handy-dandy lines on a fellow theatre geek. And if you do: break a leg!

Opening Night of Annie is tomorrow!

I’m so excited, but sad at the same time. Even though I dislike the actual show, being in it has been really fun. Mainly the people, but still.

Break a leg, cast and crew!

lightly adapted from a submission by Anonymous

lightly adapted from a submission by Anonymous

lightly adapted from a submission by Tabitha

lightly adapted from a submission by Tabitha

In celebration of Sutton Foster’s birthday…

I want all of you to tell me your favorite part you have ever played and why. I know this is completely unrelated to Sutton, but I wanted an excuse to say something about that. Also, I really like hearing from you guys because you’re all fabulous.


What’s the best role you’ve ever played?

whenyourloveletsyougo asked: At my school, the makeup room is also the boys' dressing room, so us makeup girls would be doing makeup while the boys would be changing, and I never was fazed by a bunch of teenage boys stripping down into costume, cause I'm kind of a serious person. So he would tell me pickup lines and I'd start blushing and get really uncomfortable. Well, it's our own little joke now and I plan on telling him about this blog when makeup starts up again soon. Cause this blog is awesome.

Oh my gosh that’s amazing and hilarious, and I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting this because it is beautiful.