Theatre Pickup Lines

Welcome to our theatre pickup line/ rejection line blog! Feel free to use any of these handy-dandy lines on a fellow theatre geek. And if you do: break a leg!


Disclaimer: This isn’t actually an FAQ, because these questions aren’t frequently asked, but I like FAQs.

Who runs this blog?

I do, my name is Naomi. My friends (Carly, Michaela, Louis, Natalie, Sammy, Kate) my sister (Alison) and I are the ones who come up with the ideas.

How can I tell the difference between the pickup lines and the rejection ones?

The pickup lines are black font on lighter colors, and the “rejections” are white font on darker colors.

How do you make the posts?

I use the Paint program on my computer.

How do I submit? Do I make the picture?

Just write your pickup line in the submit box, I’ll make the picture so they all look the same. If your submission is a quote from a show, please include what show it is from.

Favorite shows?

A Chorus Line, Les Misérables, Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, [title of show], Book of Mormon, 13, Wicked, 35MM.

When was this blog created?

January 3, 2012

Anything else, just ask